German Crowdfunded Andock Is The Coolest Android Dock You’ve Never Heard Of

Zehr Geil! It’s the coolest Android dock you’ve never heard of, and it comes to us from a German Industrial Engineer David Hawig, whose fascination with all things technological have birthed an amazingly complex Android dock that gives owners a whole new way to take advantage of the features on their Android devices. The Andock is a cube shaped dock with a diagonal slit on the side that allows for the docking of a smartphone. The device touts a fan and NFC capabilities, and utilizes HDMI to display video to a connected display.

“The possibilities are almost endless. I start movies with a few clicks from my phone in 7.1 and HD. Consoles are redundant because I have my smartphone with direct access to a huge amount of cheaper games. If I add Bluetooth mouse and keyboard I also have a fully functional laptop.”-David Hawig

The uses for this device are basically limitless. It can be used to effortlessly play music and movies on your home theater system, as well as providing the ability to play your favorite Android games on the big screen. You can even set your Andock beside your bed to create a slick and modern looking alarm clock.

Here are some of the features of Andock:

  • Easy connection to your monitor, TV screen or home theater system via HDMI
  • Active cooling to prevent the usual CPU throttling
  • Display in widescreen format. It is much better for the human eye as a screen in vertical format (common docking stations)
  • Excellent material, which feels good in your hands
  • Unbeatable price, despite the use of high quality laser sintering
  • NFC-tag to start apps or games immediately
  • Docking Station is weighted to provide more stability
  • Unique design

Hawig needs our help, though! For his amazing innovation to become reality, he needs funding. German crowd-sourcing site Startnext is currently backing his program. Hawig is asking for a modest 7,000€, with around 2,300€ already pledged. The Andock project has only 38 days left to collect its funding, so if you’re interested in this project time is of the essence. Head here to check out the project and pledge now! Be sure to check out the video and pictures below.


[Via: Startnext]

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