Mobile ad network Millennial Media launches SDK 5.0 for iOS and Android

Mobile ad network Millennial Media launches SDK 5.0 for iOS and Android

Millennial Media is launching version 5.0 of its SDK for iOS and Android, bringing a number of new features and improvements to make it easier for developers to make money through advertising.

The first thing developers will notice is a completely updated interface that gives them greater flexibility and control, while reducing the code required for implementation. Moreover, the READ_PHONE_STATE permission for Android is now removed.

The suite of Video Advertising Solutions for smartphones and tablets is expanded giving developers access to even more high CPM brand campaigns. Also new is that Millennial Media is now IAB MRAID 2.0 certified so that developers can benefit from additional revenue potential as advertisers seek an MRAID 2.0 compliant solution for their rich media campaigns.

iOS app makers can now integrate with Facebook, Twitter and the App Store to enable improved user engagement. For instance, users will be able to complete such actions as “Like,” “Share,” “Tweet” and “Download App,” and then be immediately returned to the application. In addition, there’s the ability to make money from brand advertising campaigns that use Passbook to deliver boarding passes, loyalty cards, retail coupons, movie tickets and more directly to a consumer’s mobile device.

If you’re a developer making from in-app ads, you’ll want to get Millennial Media’s SDK 5.0, which can be downloaded from here; technical documentation and release notes can be viewed here.

  • Carl Madsen

    While playing a solitaire game on my “Mobile Deluxe” app, an on-screen text box appeared declaring “MMSDK” “mraid is here” and requesting a reply of “ok”. Is this event related to this article?

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