Evernote looking to enter hardware business

Evernote looking to enter hardware business

You got that right. The company that makes the best note-taking service on the planet is thinking to “go physical” and eventually enter the hardware-making business.

During the recent New Economy Summit in Tokyo, Evernote’s CEO Phil Libin shared this (great) news, added that initially the branded hardware will be released with partners. “Eventually, in a few years—three, four, five—I think we’ll be ready to do something ourselves,” he said.

Libin emphasized that they’re not looking to enter existing product categories, but would rather make devices that are “new and magical.” In other words, we shouldn’t expected an Evernote smartphone and/or tablet.

Evernote already works with hardware makers and has thus far integrated its service with a number of scanners, cameras, and even blood pressure monitors. Moreover, we’ve seen them partnering with Moleskine over that Evernote-branded smart notebook, and they’ll also provide one of the initial third-party applications for Google Glass…

So are you looking forward to the Evernote-branded hardware?

[Via: PCWorld]

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