Cricket drops the price on its iPhone plan, introduces new family plan

T-Mobile is making a big to-do about its no-contract plans, but prepaid carriers like Cricket have been offering contract-free phones for years. To up the ante in the no-contract marketplace, Cricket introduced a new family bundle and is lowering the price on its iPhone plan.

Cricket’s new family plan lets you add two smartphones to an account for $40 each per month. The plan includes unlimited talk, text,  1GB of full-speed data and Muve music. The plan requires that customers sign up for an automatic bill payment option which is tied to a credit card, debit card or bank account.

Cricket also lowered its base iPhone plan by $5, bringing it down to $50 a month. For this amount, customers receive 1GB of data and unlimited calling and text messages. Customers who require additional data can choose a 2.5GB plan for $60 per month or a 5GB plan for $70.

You can read more about Cricket’s new plans on the carrier’s website.

[Via Cricket and CNET]

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