Demon’s Score THD on Sale!

The Tegra 3 optimized version of Square Enix’s Demon’s Score THD is discounted on the Google Play store through Thursday, the 25th of April! This is your chance to pick up a copy of the bizarre rhythm game for $9.99 instead of the normal $19.99. So if you have a phone or tablet with a Tegra 3 chip and any interest in rhythm titles or Japanese weirdness in general, do yourself a favor and grab a copy. Square Enix mobile games are console grade and they insist on charging a console price, something I’m sure they’ll continue as long as fans are willing to pony up. $9.99 is definitely still on the high-end for an Android game, but at half off it’s a great deal for a game that’s as strange as it is graphically impressive.

The THD stand for “Tegra High Definition” and the Play store description touts the advantages of this Tegra 3 version:

“This Tegra-based version delivers amazing high-end graphics with all of the following:

The Rim Lighting feature, which yields more dramatic actions and movements by bringing brilliant highlights to character outlines in backlit scenes.

Enhanced photorealism and three-dimensionality of characters with the Bloom feature, which produces a stunning diffusion of light in extremely bright conditions.

A depth of field created by focusing the camera on the character and blurring both background and foreground, lending even more realism to the game.

Twice the resolution of other versions of the game, resulting in higher-quality and sharper graphics across the board.”

The gameplay is pretty similar to Elite Beat Agents or Oendan with well-timed tapping advancing you through the battles. But the style is very different. Where those games had a cute, cartoony style, Demon’s Score is 3D rendered using the Unreal 3 engine. And it’s pretty…. dark. I’ll just let the trailer speak for itself.

[Via: Google Play]

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