More BlackBerry 10.1 details emerge: custom message notifications, BlackBerry 7 data transfer, dark theme for apps

More BlackBerry 10.1 details emerge

We’ve already told you that HDR camera mode is coming in BlackBerry OS 10.1, and now we’re glad to share few additional tidbits we got thanks to CrackBerry. They got the details from a leaked document from Bell, talking about the BlackBerry Q10’s feature set. here’s what it [document] says:

  • Notifications for contacts and messages
  • Ability to transfer data from a BlackBerry 7 device using BlackBerry Protect
  • Dark theme for apps like calendar and contacts

The document doesn’t share the release date for the BlackBerry Q10, but it does say that the off-contract price will be whopping $699. That’s kinda lot consider the year-old hardware this device has under the hood. Then again, hardware is just one piece of the puzzle…

Anyhow, we’re glad to see BlackBerry getting back to the game, offering more options to users, which is always a good thing, right?

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