Rumor: Samsung To Debut Plastic OLED Display on Galaxy Note III?

Remember all that talk about how Samsung’s devices are “too plastic-y”? If a new rumor proves to be true, Sammy’s Galaxy Note III will solidify the company’s love for plastic. New rumors are suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy Note III will be the first device with a plastic OLED display. We still don’t know what the screen’s resolution will be, and whether the plastic displays will be making their way into future Samsung devices.

Switching to plastic displays has a few benefits, most notably durability, as plastic scratches less than glass. The plastic display will also be thinner than the glass display, which would allow more space in the device for components, such as a bigger battery or processor.

While the upcoming Note’s display may end up being plastic, other rumors point to the casing of the upcoming phablet device will be constructed out of aluminium. This is something many have been waiting for from Samsung, and if it does indeed become true, we can only hope it’s the beginning of a new trend.

The Galaxy Note III is expected to have a 5.99-inch display, and may be unveiled at IFA in Berlin later this year.

[Via: SamMobile]

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