White House gets on Vine with Geordi LaForge and Bill Nye!

Even the White House has jumped on the Vine bandwagon, releasing a couple of the short format video clips today via it’s twitter feed. The White House Science Fair is today and President Obama, Levar Burton, Bill Nye the Science Guy and others joined some very sharp and hard-working kids showing off their experiments and inventions. The inaugural clip shows science fair host Levar Burton, Bill Nye and one of the teens introducing the event.

Bonus: President Obama checking out some industrious kids’ space elevator concept!  So rad!

This administration has embraced and used social media in an unprecedented way. As US citizens increasingly get their information through online and social sources like twitter, it’s important that those in power understand the tech and use it well. The Obama White House has made a point of staying on top of advances in communications. In 2008, Obama’s election seemed to usher in a fresh, younger perspective, and little things like this hark back to the excitement. Could you imagine, I don’t know, Reagan’s White House seeming this cool?

It’s great to see young people being encouraged to pursue futures in science and technology, and the addition of Geordi* and Bill Nye is never a bad thing! Also, after last week especially, it’s great to see something uplifting coming from official sources.

* Maybe it’s unfair to always equate Levar with Geordi. I just love that character SO MUCH!

[Via: Twitter]

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