Facebook Messenger and Chat Heads for Android Updated With Super Cute Stickers!

Last week, Facebook made some improvements to its Android Messenger app, bringing free VOIP calls to users in the U.S. Today a new groundbreaking Messenger update comes to us, featuring…drum roll please… CUTE CAT STICKERS! That’s right, Zuck and crew have been hard at work, creating super cute sticker packs that Messenger and Chat Heads users can now annoy delight their friends with.

To start lighting your friends’ life with cuteness while composing a new message, tap the smiley face icon that should be located next to the location icon in the message bar. The stickers will pop up, and users can add more stickers by hitting the shopping cart icon which will direct you to the sticker store. They are free for now, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Facebook were to sell them in the future.

The update has gone live and seems to be functioning for most users, but there were a few comments on the Play Store about the stickers not working. I can tell you firsthand that after updating Messenger on my HTC One S, the feature is not working for me either. So what’s the deal, Facebook? I wanna send some stickers! Surely, Facebook will be looking into this problem, as no compatibility issues were officially stated on the Play Store link.

So get to it guys! Stick ’em everywhere. Anyone else having issues after updating their Messenger app? We’d love to know. And…CATS!

[Via: Play Store]

  • Fb user

    not working for mee too 🙁

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