Photojojo 10X/12X Zoom Lenses out for iPad/Mini

If you insist on taking photos with your iPad, why not add a nice telephoto lens to your set up? It’s more to carry around, makes your sleek tablet lopsided and unruly, and comes with the added bonus of making you look even more ridiculous waving your iPad in the air, screaming “SAYYYY CHEEEEEESE!” Photojojo has a new line of telephoto lens adapters for the iPad 3, iPad 4 (10x), and iPad mini (12x), and they’re as stylish as you’d think, resembling something in between a Dalek’s eyestalk and its plunger arm.

Kidding aside, these adapters are cheap (only $25) and are a totally serviceable way to add a long lens to your iPad or iPad mini. Judging from the pics on their site, the quality isn’t half bad either. For the price, it could be a nice thing to have in your bag in a pinch. Photojojo seems fully aware of the inherent goofiness of both the product and iPad photography, judging from the text of its description:

“Much like a full-grown adult doing cartwheels. iPad photography can look a little silly, but it is just so much fun. You get to see your photo through a ginormous viewfinder before your even snap it.

It’s time to take your iPad photography one step, or 10 steps, further with the iPad telephoto lens. This lens adds 10-12 times telephoto power to your iPad…..

…So hoist your iPad high, and snap away proudly. Your iPad may look a bit silly in this get-up, but you are going to end up with some seriously super photos!”

Thanks, Photojojo, for this inexpensive telephoto adapter, and for having a sense of humor about the whole thing!

[Via: Photojojo]

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