Fire Department Twitter Account ‘hacked’ by 5-year-old!

Up here in Oregon, things sometimes seem to be just a little bit….. goofier. I saw this story on the local news, and had to share.

Forest Grove, a rural community near Portland, was shaken up yesterday when the official Twitter feed of the local fire department started putting out some very weird tweets. Locals follow the Forest Grove Fire Department for info on fire safety and breaking updates on local fires. When community members saw a tweet that said “Do. Or do not. There is no fly,” they were understandably concerned.

I turns out that fire Marshal Dave Nemeyer’s 5-year-old son had been playing Angry Birds: Star Wars on his dad’s phone, and had enabled the twitter feature of the game!

Here’s the story from local paper, The Oregonian’s website:

For a moment, Fire Marshal Dave Nemeyer thought he’d been hacked.

And the hacker was posting tweets on the Forest Grove Fire Twitter account about Star Wars and Angry Birds.

Then Nemeyer, the spokesman for Forest Grove Fire & Rescue, realized his 5-year-old son had his phone.

“He’s 5, he’s pushing every button trying to figure out how to fly the Luke Skywalker bird into the pig Death Star, or something like that,” Nemeyer explained Thursday.

He said his 5-year-old, one of four brothers, is a great kid, shy and well-behaved. The incident resulted from a few innocent button pushes Thursday morning, sending out two separate tweets to nearly 1,800 followers.

[Via: Oregonlive] [IMG: KGW News]


  • Nate Radebaugh

    I bet he wishes he had a Windows Phone with Kids Corner instead…

  • buyme

    hacked? no

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