HTC President says mediocre Galaxy S4 reviews are positive for HTC One

HTC One kernel source now available from HTCDev

Mike Woodward, president of HTC in North America, has been reading through recent Samsung Galaxy S4 reviews with a smile on his face. That’s due to many of them being quite comparably mediocre to other devices like, say, the HTC One.

Woodward talked to Business Insider a bit about how he is reacting to the lukewarm Galaxy S4 reviews. “It’s really been a great week for us,” he said. “We’re seeing brisk sales so far.” Not surprisingly, he’s pretty pleased.

“We look at [the Galaxy S4 reviews] through the lens of the HTC One, and it stands up positively,” Woodward added. “The design seems to be attracting the most attention and we’re really proud of that.”

Many of the complaints with the S4 are addressed nicely in the One. For instance, while the S4 is mocked for its plastic design and gimmicky software, the One is praised for its higher quality design materials and cleaner software. These comparisons stand true in our own reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

At first, many considered the shipment delays for the HTC One a disadvantage since it would be pitted against the Galaxy S4 at its release. However, it’s turned out to be quite a blessing.

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  • Jesse

    I carefully compared the HTC one the Galaxy S4. In the end I felt the S4 features where something I would never use and the One to be more practical. Turning a page with my hand or move the screen with my eyes are cool yes, but something I would quickly forget about in leu of simply swiping with my finger.

    • Pachanga

      I agree with you sir. I have the pleasure of owning a HTC One and it is by far the best of the two…. (samy & One)

    • Bonedatt

      Motorola A780, HTC Touch diamond, HTC HD2, Apple iPhone 4, HTC Radar, Samsung Galaxy S2 and now the HTC One. Of all the devices that I’ve used in the past, the Galaxy S2 was my favorite as it was very easy to customize and install custom ROMS. The polycarbonate was okay for that era but Samsung has refused to work on their build and are adding more gimmicky features that will not be used that much by the average user. HTC always had a premium feel to their devices and they and Sony seem to be the only other manufacturers that know how to design.

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