Samsung Canada: Initial Galaxy S4 supply “may be limited”

Samsung Canada - Initial Galaxy S4 supply may be limited

You may’ve heard that carriers all around the globe where Samsung Galaxy S4 has been launched are struggling to keep up with the enormous demand. In Canada, we’ve seen TELUS offering $50 $100 credit to customers willing to wait for two weeks to get their unit.

Samsung Canada is well aware of the problem not just TELUS but all other operators in the country are facing – there are still not enough Galaxy S4 units out there.

Those who pre-ordered Sammy’s flagship should be getting their phones now. That “should” is there because not everyone will get it at the same time. Pretty much all Canadian carrier issued a statement saying that pre-registration numbers are higher than any other device before, including the S3.

Samsung on its behalf is asking users for understanding. Here’s what they said on Facebook:

Samsung is excited to see the level of pre-orders that Canadian consumers have for the GALAXY S4. Samsung Canada had intended to ship pre-orders by the 27th, but due to the overwhelming global demand of the Samsung GALAXY S4, we will not be able to meet the pre-order date of April 27th for all customers. These orders remain the highest priority with carrier and retail partners and will be fulfilled in the coming days.

No doubt, this is a sweet problem for the Korean company and its shareholders… 😉

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  • PeterSteinbeck

    No surprise here – the Galaxy S4 is the best phone ever.

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