Watch Your Back, Siri: Google Now Comes To iOS via Google Search App

Move over Siri, the new version of Google Voice Search for iOS is packing a few punches that may just lay you out. The new Google Search 3.0 app, released today for iOS is coupled with Google Now, a feature that has been available for Android users for some time now. Google Now uses predictive searches to bring users pertinent information in the form of cards, such as upcoming flights, traffic, sports scores and more.

Google Now was first debuted at last year’s Google I/O conference, and is now baked into Google’s most recent version of Android, Jelly Bean. The app scans e-mails, searches, calendars and pretty much any tidbit of data you’ve ever given to Google to predict search results even before you search. When firing up Google Now, cards are displayed, showing such things as flight information, birthdays, sports scores and more. The service is above and beyond what Siri currently offers, which responds to voice searches and activates certain iPhone features such as placing calls and texts. The new Google Search 3.0 app does this and more, providing search results faster than Siri.

The app is available for both iPad and iPhone users running iOS 5 and is optimized for the iPhone 5. Head over to the iTunes store to try it out, or head here to download Google Search 3.0.


[Via: Android Pit]

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