Wikimedia Commons App For iOS And Android Allows Easy Photo Submissions

Wikipedia users, get ready to see a slew of new pictures on your favorite subjects soon. The Wikimedia Commons app has been released today for both Android and iOS, allowing users to upload pictures directly to the Wikipedia website, adding some much-needed vibrancy to the incredible Creative Commons knowledge base.

The Wikimedia Commons app makes uploading pictures a breeze, allowing users to snap pictures directly from their cameras and tag, title and create categories for their submissions. The app requires a Wikipedia account, which cannot be done through the app, so users will have to go online and create one before uploading. The Android version of the app allows multiple image upload, and there is also a web app so that other smartphone users do not get left out.

The Wikimedia Commons app can be found at the Google Play Store and at the iTunes App Store.

[Via: Gizmodo]


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