Angry Birds Friends Coming May 2 for Android and iOS

Rovio has announced yet another title in its super popular franchise, Angry Birds. This time around, social media integration will play a major role. The game will be connected with Facebook, and players will be able to challenge each other and share rewards through the social media giant. 

From Rovio’s announcement:

Challenge your friends in weekly tournaments on your mobile, give and receive gifts and brag with your accomplishments – Angry Birds Friends takes the game to a whole new level!

Pop some piggies with your friends wherever you are! Angry Birds Friends spruces up the classic Angry Birds experience with fun new social features that integrate with Facebook. For the first time ever the fans of Angry Birds can use their mobile to challenge their Facebook friends in weekly tournaments for the coveted bronze, silver and gold crown on the levels. Gather daily rewards, send and receive gifts of power-ups with your friends and brag about your accomplishments.

While some might not be interested in the social aspects, this is even more Angry Birds content from so expect it to move millions of copies. It’s likely to be 99 cents on iOS and Android users will likely have an ad-supported option. That is, if the previous versions of the games are any indicator. The game releases on Thursday, the 2nd, so we’ll find out then. Get ready to pop some more piggies, folks!

With the focus on social media integration, there’s even more potential for hilarious accidents like the fire department Twitter fiasco I reported on last week. But the release of yet another Angry Birds is always welcome. As many Birds addicts can tell you, the more Angry Birds the. Get ready to pop some more piggies, folks!

[Via Rovio]

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