New Ouya Exclusive Soul Fjord from Portal Designer

Kim Smith is probably best known for her role as the lead designer on Valve’s critically acclaimed first person puzzler, Portal (I recently wrote a bit about its sequel here). But she’s also worked on the Left 4 Dead series while at Valve and, most recently, Quantum Conundrum or Airtight Games. Today Kim Swift and the team at Airtight Games announced Soul Fjord, an exclusive for the Ouya console.

Soul Fjord is a mashup of Norse mythology and 70’s exploitation. It’s main character is Magnus Jones a viking soldier killed in battle. Magnus is brought to Valhalla but finds out he isn’t on the guest list, and has to fight his way to the world tree. Soul Fjord features randomly generated dungeons and rhythm based combat. Also, it’s sure to have some of the same humor that made Smith’s Portal such a cult classic. The 70’s Norse setting and cartoony visuals make this pretty clear.

The Ouya is an Android powered console, due out this June, that will retail for $99 and be available through major retail partners like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and GameStop as well as directly through the Ouya website. Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman has been announcing some promising titles, which will retail on the console’s exclusive Ouya store. It will be interesting to see h0w the console fares!

Soul Fjord is an exciting addition to a growing collection of games for the new console.  Its humor and unique style  is really underlined in the trailer. I’ll be curious to see how the gameplay fares. The fact that Kim Smith is involved certainly bodes well for the title. We’ll keep you posted

[Via: Gamespot]

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