“Seeing Eye People” Accompany Smartphone Addicted Pedestrians in Video Prank

A new video prank by ImprovEverywhere hits on one of the most annoying and dangerous developments associated with the rise of the smartphone; clueless looking pedestrians staring at their devices as they navigate city streets. Sure, it can be annoying trying to dodge seemingly clueless people, but we are all guilty of this behavior. And this would be a great service if it were a reality.

The prank pokes fun at this behavior, depicting fake New York City municipal workers employed as “Seeing Eye People” who guide clueless smartphone distracted pedestrians around the bustling city. After the performance, the “Seeing Eye People” actually provided the service for some real New Yorkers.

So check out the videos below, and if you feel like this could be tangible public service, write your congressman or head down to some City Hall meetings and get this service going! All joking aside, there are real dangers in texting / smartphone staring when in crowded and busy areas, especially when cars are around. Stay safe!

[Via: Gizmodo] [Image: BlogCDN]

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