iOS 7 delay possible due to complete UI redesign

Jonathan Ive, who took over the reigns of iOS software designer from Scott Forstall recently, is apparently considering a slight iOS 7 delay in order to finish the UI overhaul that is planned in the operating system’s new release.

This overhaul will supposedly dramatically change the look and feel of iOS from what we’ve come to know it as. With Ive at the head, he has decided to ditch most if not all of skeuomorphic UI elements, e.g. the casino table theme of the Game Center app. Much of the gloss is being removed as well, according to the scoop from 9to5Mac.

The UI will take a “flatter” approach similar to but not as much as that of Windows Phone. Some apps could be getting an entirely new look while others may only receive small tweaks to fit in with the rest of iOS 7.

Ive is also reportedly encouraging collaboration between software and hardware designers to achieve better results. Mac software designers are even pitching in. All this work, though, might mean pushing the iOS 7 release date back a bit to ensure a high-quality delivery. We wouldn’t want another iOS 6 Maps fiasco, now would we?

It’s unknown how long the iOS 7 delay will be or if it’ll even be necessary. Apple did open up registration for WWDC 2013 with plans to talk about the “future of iOS and OS X” as always, so at the very least there won’t be any delay in the operating system’s actual unveiling. Some have even suggested this year’s logo hints at new design aspects in iOS 7. We’ll find out soon enough.

[via Bloomberg]


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