Sony Honami To Ship With Killer Camera Sensor

Like many other handset-makers, Sony has always had a focus on its smartphone’s cameras. Unlike many other handset-makers, Sony knows its way around the area with its Cyber-shot, NEX, and DSLR camera lineups. So, when we hear that Sony is looking to bring a whopper of a sensor into an upcoming Android handset, we’re not surprised in the least bit, but we’re certainly interested.

The upcoming device, codenamed ‘Honami’, is said to include the best of Sony inside, featuring a dedicated Walkman chip, and possibly the biggest image sensor the Android world has ever seen. A 1/1.6 Exmor RS stacked sensor with Sony G Lens may grace the Honami, which is larger than even the Samsung Galaxy Camera. Either a Xenon, Dual-LED, or Plasma flash could accompany the sensor when all is said and done, and we’re hoping for Xenon.

The camera software experience on the device is also said to heavily borrow from Sony’s recent Cyber-shot cameras, which would be welcomed. The move is similar to that of Samsung, which heavily borrowed the UI in the Galaxy Camera for the Galaxy S 4.

While everything we know is currently considered pure rumor, the Honami could get an international release as soon as August or September.

Sony has been on quite the roll with its latest devices, with the Xperia Z and ZL getting high marks across the board. Luckily, it looks like Sony isn’t done for 2013, and we’ll be seeing a few more great devices with some awesome innards in the coming months.

[Via: XperiaBlog, 1, VR-Zone]

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