Two new suicide attempts reported at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory

It’s May Day today, which is rather fitting for the somber news coming out of Foxconn regarding more suicides at its Zhengzhou factory. According to MIC Gadget, two workers have tried to commit suicide in the past weeks. One was successful, while the outcome of the other is not known.

Reports suggest the company is cracking down on workers and recently instituted “silent mode,” which forbids workers from talking about anything but work on the factory floor. Workers must talk quietly when they do talk and must speak in designated spots when they want to talk to more than one person. Workers who violate these policies are fired or face a pay decrease.

Some workers claim that silent mode was adopted after a report questioned the quality of products coming out of Foxconn’s factory. Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou allegedly went to the company’s Zhengzhou factory and put in place a strict, militaristic management style to improve quality control.

[Via MIC Gadget]

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