Google Glass: Developer Creates App That Snaps Pictures With the Blink of an Eye

While Google Glass is not available to the public just yet, developers are having all sorts of fun with the device. A developer by the name of Mike DiGiovanni has developed a Glass app called Winky, which takes photos with a mere blink of the eye. Winky uses functionality which lies dormant in Google Glass’ source code.

While talking to Ars Technica, DiGiovanni stated, “I wound up decompiling some of the code that was on the Glass devices and investigating there. I found that the wink gesture is disabled by default and only engineering or test builds seem like they would have the option to enable it.”

Because Google Glass comes with wink gestures disabled, DiGiovanni rearranged the priority of winks within his build. Winky “intercept[s] the wink with a higher priority than anything else,” allowing users to forgo the awkward voice command or gesture for snapping photos with the device.

If you are one of the lucky people who have a Google Glass Explorer Edition, you can download DiGiovanni’s source code at GitHub and start snapping pictures with the wink of an eye.

[Via: ArsTechnica]

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