Finnish band Constantine uses Galaxy S4 to shoot music video

Finnish progressive metal band Constantine can lay claim to a technological first. It is one of the first bands to shoot a music video with the newly released Galaxy S4.

Guitarist Janne Seppänen said the band was impressed with the camera on the S4 and decided to use it to film their video.

“We wanted to stay away from sterile and boring modern music videos that just about every other band release these days. We wanted to fill it with symbolism and details that can be interpreted in many ways, just like the whole album has been built to be interpreted. By shooting the video with a new smartphone we did something that no one has done before and brought the whole thing much closer to our audience, because basically anyone could pull off a similar project by using resources they already have with limitless creativity and artistic vision.”

The single and the album from Constantine are available from Palokka Records. It’s not my type of music, but I think they pull off the video quite well with the S4.

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