Fred Armisen Makes Fun Of Google Glass In SNL “Weekend Update” Sketch

Google Glass has been catching a lot of flak from the non-nerd community. Since Glass units have started shipping recently to developers, more and more people have been spotted with the new tech, making its wearers look a little strange (to say the least) and prompting bars across the country to ban wearers of Glass from their establishments. I’m sure that most glass wearers think they look like Vegeta on the hunt for Kakarot, but to the general public they just look, well, dorky.

We’ve seen our share of Glass parodies in the last few months, starting with a “How guys will use Google Glass” a hilarious Tumblr entitled “White men wearing Google Glass” and now, the big time, a SNL sketch on “Weekend Update.”

In the SNL sketch, Fred Armisen of Portlandia fame plays a tech-blogger who is showing off the new Google Glass hardware. He pokes fun at the functionality of the device, such as the touch gestures and voice commands. The sketch has some hilarious moments, including accidentally activating porn on Glass and rebooting the device, which requires Armisen to swirl his head wildly.

The tech community has clearly embraced Google Glass, only time will tell how the general public will accept the device. We’re still not sure when Google Glass will make it to the public realm, as developers are currently messing around with the features of the device.

Check out the SNL sketch below.

[Via: Business Insider]

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