Gmail for iOS gets updated with better integration of other Google apps

Google released an update today for its Gmail for iOS app that brings improved integration with other Google services that are available on iOS as well as a few other improvements.

By “improved integration” with other Google apps, I don’t mean you’ll see any of their functionality popping up in the Gmail app. Rather, it’s a lot easier to stay within the Google ecosystem now because you can open links from Gmail that will launch another Google app if you have it installed. If there’s a map, you can tap it to launch Google Maps. If there’s a YouTube link, tapping it will open the YouTube app. And of course if there’s any other link, you can choose to open it using Chrome instead of Safari. If you hate the concept of this, you can disable it as well.

This update interestingly points to Google’s dedication to making sure that even users with an iPhone or iPad can stay pretty well-connected to Google’s services if they choose to. The integration obviously isn’t as tight as it would be on Android, but it’s more than adequate for the Apple acolytes.

Additionally, the update also comes with a new ability to sign out of Gmail accounts individually. The app supports up to five different accounts which you previously had to sign in or out of all at once, but no more.

You can grab the updated Gmail app free in the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

[via PhoneArena]

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