New 3DS Zelda Now Available to Pre-order!

A couple of weeks ago, Nintendo Announced a new Zelda game modeled after fan favorite A Link to the Past. Now a pre-order has shown up on Amazon. The release date is set as Dec. 31 (which seems a little fishy, considering it would bypass the holiday season) so those Zelda freaks who pre-order still have a long wait ahead of them. But it’s exciting nonetheless.

This new Zelda title, dubbed Legend of Zelda 3DS on the pre-order page, is set in the world of the SNES classic, A Link to the Past but isn’t a direct sequel. It finds Link with the new magical ability to flatten himself and turn into a drawing on the wall, giving developers a whole new dungeon mechanic to play with. The game will also feature multi level dungeons which should look incredible using the Nintendo handheld’s 3D capabilities. The graphics and art style look absolutely beautiful as well. Of course, that’s pretty much expected from a Zelda title -or any of Nintendo’s first party titles for that matter.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more of this title at E3, but the footage they’ve released already looks great. Still the page is slapped together with a working title and no other information. Also the aforementioned odd release date, so it might be worth waiting for more information to come from the big N. I’m excited for this title, but this pre-order seems mighty premature. What do you think?

[Via: Amazon]

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