New Samsung Galaxy S4 Commercial Makes Fun Of iPhone 5

Sprint's Samsung Galaxy S4 gets its first update (and we've no idea what it brings)

Samsung has released a new commercial that showcases the features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 , at Apple’s expense. The video, which is in line with Samsung’s earlier commercials lightly bashes the iPhone 5 by showcasing some of the bells and whistles that are packed into the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The theme of the commercial is a graduation party, where we see the Galaxy S4 take a picture of a belly flop, and a rib-eating user answering his phone by simply waving over it. The most amusing part is when a younger women snaps a photo and then shares it via  Samsung’s S Beam with a friend. An older woman with an iPhone 5 asks to do the same, to which the Galaxy S4 owner replies: “Sorry, your phone doesn’t do that.” A conversation ensues, where an iPhone owning man says, “Let me get this straight. Some smartphones are smarter than others? Why do we have these things?”

The commercial is very tongue in cheek, and sticks to Samsung’s marketing strategy of portraying their devices as young, hip and cool. But the commercial does bring up a very good question: why the lack of innovation in Apple’s products, and what will we see in the next iteration of the iPhone?

Check out the commercial below. What features would you like to see in the next iPhone?

  • AndroidShiz

    I’d like to see more features from Android like the pull down shade, and by Android I mean Nexus. The Android version that actually works. And by works I mean consistently.

    • Roaduardo

      The Nexus line is great but each device can be different depending on who the user is and what their needs are for a mobile phone. When it comes to Android, the OS can be tweaked and customized as much as the user likes. Some like the stock Android that arrives on a Nexus device and others like to “improve” or try different ROMs on it. Great options for consumers.

      • AndroidShiz

        Yeah it is great but after tinkering with about 35 Android phones over the years, I’ve found the best experience on Android overall has definitely been on the Nexus 4. Sometimes rooting, phone skins and etc don’t really add to the experience, they actually take away, and add bloat, especially more so for the average consumer. Android has less loyal fans inside Android than iPhone does. Most people who try a Nexus, have a hard time going back to a skinned expensive phone that gets 1 update.

        • Roaduardo

          I’m not sure I can share the same opinion regarding the number of loyal Android users or developers for its custom ROMs. Rooting doesn’t actually add any “bloat”, rather just unlocks certain features that a not-so-average-user would like to have on their particular Android device.

          Many custom ROMs I’ve used for my various Android devices over the years have actually been much, much smaller and lighter versions of stock Android. No skinned or themed ROMs, a light and fast ROM. Certain ROMs have great developer support who constantly release regular updates. It’s great.

          For the truly average consumer, the Nexus line is a fantastic choice when it comes to Android.

  • Samdung takes everything too far. They keep going on about all the features you will never use that slow the phone down and ruin battery life. Only idiots would buy this.

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