Wall Street Journal Pens Google Glass “Etiquette Guide”

The Wall Street Journal’s Kevin Sintumuang released an etiquette guide for Google Glass in Friday’s edition of the paper. In what he called “an open letter to very early adopters”, Sintumuang listed some potential no no’s and faux pas that uncouth “Explorers” could be perpetrating. While the piece is funny, and it’s really just a re-assertion of common sense and decency. The push of the entire article can be summed up in one section, entitled “Don’t be creepy.”

“All it’s going to take is for one Glass wearer to record or photograph someone or something that shouldn’t have been filmed to ruin Glass for everyone. Let’s not incite lawmakers or angry mobs. Stick to photographing kittens, consenting friends and those totally amazing pancakes from your favorite brunch spot, OK?”

Other sections include “Always remember: You have a camera on your head.”, “Use voice commands only when you need to.”, and of course “Give it a rest sometimes.”, which I can’t agree with more.

“You know how that guy with the Bluetooth headset became Bluetooth Headset Guy, the most grating tech villain in existence today? It’s because he never took his headset off. (And, yeah, talking loudly to thin air didn’t help either.) I know, this slightly defeats the purpose of having a heads-up display and camera that’s always at the ready. But for most of your day, try to go for the normal-human look.
Also, it’s annoying to talk to someone who keeps glancing up and to the right every 10 seconds. Turn Glass off when there’s someone in front of you.”

The jokes have already been flying about Google Glass and the “Explorers” who have gotten early access to Google’s wearable tech. The potential to alienate and creep out folks with Google’s cyborg gear is great. So keep this list in mind and you should be ok!

[Via: Wall Street Journal]

  • Glass Explorer here. I’ve been wearing Glass just about everywhere and I haven’t gotten any negative reactions – quite the opposite. I think the author might be overreacting a bit.

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