GIVEAWAY – Win a HTC First For Mother’s Day from AT&T and IntoMobile! [CLOSED]

[UPDATE: The winner has been chosen and replied within the allotted time. Congratulations to Ashley!]

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and AT&T and IntoMobile are going to help out one lucky reader by giving away a new HTC First! To celebrate the woman who gave you life, we ask that you join in on the contest and try to win the HTC First for your Ma’!

You might have seen a few of the ” It’s Not Complicated” TV ads from AT&T, featuring candid responses from children, often resulting in hilarious answers. Well, AT&T’s latest ad is no different, and it’s focus is on none other than mothers.

AT&T is offering consumers the chance to send an e-card that features the video you see above, along with a personalized message to your mom. There’s never too many ways to show that you care, so while you’re waiting for us to choose a winner for the contest, be sure to head over to and send this over to your mom!

On to the contest!

We’re going to keep the rules plain and simple. In the comments below, simply tell us why your mom would enjoy the HTC First and why she deserves to win. While all moms deserve to win, there can only be one winner, so get creative with your response!

The winner will receive a brand new HTC First, which features Facebook Home. The custom user interface is Facebok-centric, allowing you to keep up with those who you care about right from your homescreen.

The contest will be open to the US only. Since Mother’s Day is this Sunday, we’ll only be running the contest until tomorrow, where a winner will be chosen at 1PM Pacific time. After we’ve chosen the winner, they must respond within the hour or a new winner will be chosen.

Good luck to everyone!

Be sure to check out AT&T’s Consumer Blog for more tips for Mom!

  • Dooie K

    I think my mom deserves this cause her current phone is a dinosaur…. An HTC hero.. and she is one of the most loving caring and strongest person in the world she always puts her children first no matter what she won’t ever buy anything for her self and will always give to her children she works 7 days a week has 2 jobs just to keep us afloat on her down time we don’t even own a computer or laptop or even have cable or internet (except on our phones) and so on her hero she watches her Korean dramasuntil she falls asleep the HTCfirst would make her mothers day truly special and her dramas would look spectacular on the HTC first Im trying my best to describe this in a comment but you’d really have to see it to believe it she’s amazing and no matter how many bad things life throws at her she just gets back up and tries harder in my opinion she definitely deserves this phone and thank you for giving me this opportunity to enter this contest

  • winner

    My mom just loves Facebook but the rest of the family uses Google+ if she gets the HTC first Facebook will be so in her face she will hate it and use Google plus.

  • My mother deserves the HTC One simply because she is a fighter. She has struggled these past years to keep our family together, make sure we are all content, and care for us. Most admiring for me, however, is her passion for teaching and reaching out to kids. She teaches children who have a hard life at home, hard circumstances, hard times learning, etc., yet she always seems to effortlessly and passively change their lives, which at minimum, is what I would like to do for her. An HTC One would be nothing less than a derivative of what she deserves for her gentle heart and kindness.

  • erikiksaz

    My mom deserves this phone because she’ll be the last one leaving the nest. She’s always given up her own priorities to provide for her children, and now she’s moving out of state to explore a new business venture. The HTC first will allow her to keep in touch with us from the other edge of the states. It’ll be a huge upgrade from her pink razr!

  • osc707

    my mom deserves to win because she’s always there for all of us in our family. She’s a hard working woman, who gives her all to us. Plus she currently uses an iPhone and I think that she could use a more modern phone =P

  • My mom deserves to win because of all she has worked for. She has been the most influential person in my life and is a role model to me. Twenty years ago, she was the first of her family to move to America and it was a rough road for her. She traveled with little money, no English, and lonely. All because she wanted her kids (me and my older sister) to have a better life than she had. She constantly dealt with the pressure of being in a new country. She raised me and my sister singlehandedly when my dad left. It was definitely the hardest thing she has ever done, and I respect her. Sometimes I feel sad about thinking of it, the hardships. She has a simple talk and text phone. I do not ask for pity or any regret but rather to look ahead to the future. This phone would really make her day. Thanks for the competition!

  • My mom deserves to win because she is pretty much just awesome. Also she needs to get with the times and get a real phone.

  • Bianca W.

    My mom deserves to win because she is so selfless with anything and everything and ask for nothing in return. Whenever I needed money quickly to pay off a last minute debt, she’d lend me the money or find a way to get money. When my brother was having problems and needed to go to the hospital and was having trouble to pay off his hospital bill, my mom took some money out of her retirement savings just to help. She’s a hard worker, a survivor when he had to get one of her kidneys remove, and being able to reward my mom with this amazing phone would be not only a perfect mothers day gift as well as a birthday gift (her birthday is on May 17th), it’s be the perfect tool for her to contact her family and I can always call her and tell her how much I truly love her for all she does for our family.

  • Rust

    As the only mom left in my life, may I enter for myself? This empty nest stuff is for the birds, I tell you. My focus for 2+ decades has been my children and now that I am able to focus on me I’m not too sure of the script. An HTC phone to replace my ancient flip phone would be a good beginning, I think. Time for new horizons!

  • Amber

    This would be amazing to win! My mom just saw a commercial for this phone and asked me if her “iPhone can do that?”. LOL I told her no mom, all smartphones are not the same. It was really cute. I would be thrilled to surprise this phone since I know she is so excited about it, and she’s using a iPhone 3g right now, so I’d love for her to have a cool new phone!

  • My mother would love to have a new smartphone of her own, and she’s just gotten the hang of Facebook, so this would be perfect. She keeps giving her upgrades away to my siblings who are on the same plan, so she’s been stuck with battered hand me downs.

  • My mom should win cause she never had a smartphone but wants one.

  • My mom should win cause she never had a smartphone but wants one.

  • aj34

    My mom would love to try out the new Blink Feed feature. Plus this phone is just pretty awesome!

  • Doris

    thanks so much for the chance! My mom is awesome because she is always so supportive and there when I need help with my kids. She deserves to win because my husband has been laid off and I can’t afford much for her for this year.

  • Eric R.

    It is simple. My mom deserves t win this awesome phone because the one she has is barely working and it is not a smartphone. She is so scared of new technology but promised me she would learn to use a smartphone if I get her one. She is the sweetest lady I know!

    God bless!

  • Mariam

    My mom is not alive any longer, but I want to win this phone for my daughter. With her computer being broken, she could check her emails easily on this smartphone. She is been having a tough pregnancy this time around, and it would cheer her up.

  • My mom is 74 and while a bit technically challenged, she is embracing the digital revolution. She emails regularly (seriously, stop with the lunch updates) and just joined Twitter. Sure she only follows the Pope and I am her only follower, but it’s a step in the right direction. My brother insists that one sign of the apocalypse is my mother joining Facebook. What better way to speed the end times than to give her a Facebook-centric phone?

  • she needs this phone so that she can see her grandkids on facebook and call her loving son. thank you in advance

  • My mother in law deserves to win because she came to this country without speaking English and struggled for many years. She is a wonderful grandmother to our kids and is an awesome cook! She lives 500 miles away from us and would love to be able to communicate with her grandchildren more.


    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  • ashley somoza

    my mother has a masters degree in business administration and is still using a old school 10 key pad phone. I have been trying to convince her to upgrade and get a smart phone but she says they are overpriced and too expensive. Which a htc im sure she would learn to navigate it in no time. Thanks ashley

  • My mom really deserves this phone. She put 5 children through college, she is currently beating Arthritis and She is constantly looking for ways to make our lives better (me and my siblings) Raising 5 kids is no easy job.. It was probably one of the toughest things to do but she was able to do it. I definitely want to do so much for her just to say thank you. This phone will be a start. Currently she’s using an old black berry..I really would love to surprise her with this.. I can already imagine the look on her face when she gets this htc one as a gift from me. PLEase please.. This phone will serve as a means to see a smile on her face… Thats why I want it.

  • ewilliams1009

    my mom uses facebook alot to keep in touch with family so this would be perfect for her.


    Just setup my mom a FB account and taught her how to use it. I think the phone would make her enjoy her FB much much more.

  • sheldon

    my mom is important to me because she’s always been there for me and my siblings. I know this is such a common thing for kids to say, but in my case, it’s more than true. Most of my relatives have walked out on me,but my mom never ever did she always stood by me and kept me safe.My mom has always been there for me, so I’d say she is very important to me. I do get angry at her though. but at the end of the day i love her from the bottom of my heart!!!!

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