Rumor: Google Pulls Out of Motorola X-Phone Project

Google I/O is only days away, and it’s looking like we won’t be seeing the heavily rumored Motorola X-Phone making a debut at the conference. In fact, new analyst reports are reporting that Google has distanced itself from the project, leaving Motorola to develop the device on its own. Google is said to be taking a back seat on the X-Phone project because it isn’t up to its standards.

The X-Phone is has been getting much attention, with rumors flying about the device for some time now. The rumors are all over the place, claiming various specs that seem too good to be true. We have seen various picture leaks of the device, including one from last week which depicted a black boxy Motorola device,which raised eyebrows due to the model number on the back, “XFON.”

The device, which was to be a joint effort between Motorola and Google may still be in the works, but without the help of Google. The new rumors suggest that Google turned down the project and deferred it to Motorola for further testing and development. Motorola won’t need to start from scratch, at least.

We are still not sure what to expect from the X-Phone project, but it looks like we will not be seeing it at Google I/O this year. What are your thoughts on the Motorola X-Phone?

[Via: Android Community]

  • How can the phone not be up to their standards and now Motorola will finish the project on its own? Isn’t it OWNED BY GOOGLE? o_o

    • blakestimac

      Yes, you’re right, but at the time of the acqusition, Google said that Motorola would still operate as an independant company. If the rumor is true, then Google is just taking a more hands-off aproach to the X Phone project going forward.

  • Soonershooter

    which proves that moto still has QA/QC issues going back to the atrix 4g…

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