Samsung Galaxy Centura launching with stock Android 4.0, low-end specs

Samsung Galaxy Centura launching with stock Android 4.0, low-end specs

A new, still unannounced Samsung Galaxy smartphone has been caught at the Korean company’s website. Called Galaxy Centura, it’s a low-end device with specs that include an HVGA screen, 3-megapixel camera, 800MHz single-core processor, 4GB of internal memory, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 1500mAh battery and a microSD card slot. The strange part is that it will be sold with stock Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich without Samsung’s infamous TouchWiz UI running on top. That would be an exception rather than the rule since all smartphones sold by the Korean giant come with TouchWiz and a number of other Samsung apps.

Price is still a mystery but we know that the Centura will be sold by Straight Talk, which will likely offer it for less than $200 ($150) sans any strings attached. Something to consider if you’re on a *really* tight budget and don’t want to put your signature on carrier contracts…

[Via: SammyHub]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    In a way, it’s like a Nexus device though Nexus from three years ago

  • charles


  • Joseph Quagliata

    Someone didn’t do very much research on this phone. You can find this phone in Walmart stores and on Straight Talk’s website for $99.99

    • Lynne

      This phone is GREAT!! I can’t believe everything it does, and it’s $50 per month unlimited everything, text, phone, and internet. It has the voice recognition and speech to text which I LOVE since I don’t care to type it in (but can if I want to) It has GPS, Google store and all kinds of things to numerous to mention. No contract, unlimited and I’m hooked.!!!!!!

      • Taime

        have ya tried moving an app to ur SD card ?? HAHAHAHA good luck wit dat

    • scott parker

      dollar general 80.00

  • Meagan

    We just bought this phone. I got one and my husband and I cannot figure out how to lock the focus when using the camera. All the pictures are blurry and look like crap.

    • Lynne

      The easy way to find out is to call the guys at Walmart who sell these phones. They know EVERYTHING

  • mm

    how do you load from the apps store on the galaxy centura? what address? Can you can the brower to a different default? Any details instructions on using this phone?

  • Lynne

    This phone is wonderful. See my reply post. You load your apps from the google store. No detailed instructions, but the guys at Walmart were wonderful help. I called twice to ask them questions after I bought it. ( I couldn’t find the mic on the keyboard) The little gear symbol to the right of 123, you tap/hold to switch it to mic

    • gbpackersnmbr1

      Thank you!!! been searching for this answer!! 🙂

      • Donna

        Thank you Lynne. Wondered where the mic was! But when I press the mic, I get a message “connection problem.” Any ideas?

  • Randy Morley

    I have a Galazy Centura nice phone but can not find a hard cover anywhere,Dont they make a case for it?

    • Dalmane98

      ebay has them. Search for Samsung Galaxy Centura-Matte Black Phone Skin Case Cover Hard Accessory and you will find the one I have.

    • Jo

      I’ve got a beautiful case for mine – found it on Amazon; they’ve got a few nice ones to choose from. As happy as I am with my cover? I wish that I didn’t have to remove it so often to reset the phone because it’s frozen AGAIN. That’s what brought me out searching for remedies or reasons it keeps happening! Reading some of these comments has answered some of the questions I’ve had. Boils down to “get what you pay for”… or it WOULD if the sd card I bought wasn’t dead space before I found out in this thread that the phone needs to be rooted before the sd could be utilized (false advertising not only sucks, it’s illegal; not done dealing with that little tidbit just yet)! I’ve never rooted a phone, though, and I’m positive I could learn, but I’d rather not experiment on my only cell :/
      I know this thread is a yr old, but this is the back to the case I got (in case more folks like myself pick up this “great deal” only to find it’s only half a step up from the basic staight talk & fairly dumb for a “smartphone”)
      Like I said… get what you paid for; guess I’ll have to find another use for the mini sd 🙁

      • Jo

        Ooor not… lol – seems the pic doesn’t want to upload

  • Dalmane98

    Great Smartphone for the price and works just fine will all Apps, except for beWeather Pro…The animated weather option does not work.

  • Taime

    why would u buy a phone that wont let u access the SD card ????? i wish they didnt HIDE that fact b4 i paid money for the junk phone !it says it allows up to 32 gig sd card … but …
    Whats the point if I CANT FUCKING USE IT !!!!!! all i get is ” your phone doesnt support moving apps to SD card”

    • windbag

      Root it and then find an app2sd application off of the Google Play store!

      • Becky Cleveland

        What do you mean by “root it”?

  • Wryan Rutledge

    If you are not a hardcore android user this phone is for you. I regret even looking at it. It has NO app2sd capability which means big apps will take up all your memory. It does NOT have an auto focus so taking snaps of QR codes is a pain. EVERY game application lags on this overpriced POS. I only purchased it because it had 4.0 and I would rather have a 2.3 instead of this crap. Way to go Straight Talk. You best phone (the SIII) just has to be Sprint which their service SUCKS here. I am few up with the bill coming on the 30th of one monthe, the 31st the next, and the 2nd the next. I want a month of service not 30 days. If anyone has doubts about purchasing this phone LISTEN TO YOUR GUT!

    • scott parker

      what is it about a low end smart phone does anybody not understand i have this phone and love it……

      • Nate

        Have you figured out how to store apps on the sd card to free up internal space?

  • Nate

    I would love to figure out how to send the apps to the sd card.

  • Shaun Allen Landers

    i have had this phone for a little while now i really have to say for (a low end) phone is not bad it has minimal storage i agree and the app2sd thing sucks but if you ask me this phone is really only worth 3 things 1. a cheap inexpensive phone with simple cool features almost anyone can pick this phone up and master its use in hours with ease and the use of verizon towers is grand plus in my view 2. this phone is simple therefore it is simple to root i went to multiple websites looking for root access tutorials and found there is no way to root other than POOT debugger apk. with this phone there is an alternative that area51 is offering but its for a more advanced group to be meddling with things most people do not understand and rooting is for sure not for everyone as to the damage you can cause 3. this phone makes an awesome gaming phone as google play offers many fun useful apps that this phone is capable of using where most other low end specifically straight talk phones are incapable of using the user friendly ui is very easy to understand and just remember apps are usually small downloads so it is as simple as get the most out of the things you have donwloaded once you have no need for old apps simply delete them and your storage is free make sure to download a good cache cleaner i recommend master cleaner or avg ani virus …..on a side note for those software savvy users there is an alternative to apps or apk.’s if you will which i will not explain as to i do not condone piracy but look no further than utorrent app on google play where a simple search can broaden your mobile experience 100 fold

  • ben

    how do you use the speech to text ? i don’t have the microphone icon when i’m in the text page.

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