BBC Watchdog getting ready to examine the Samsung Galaxy S4

BBC Watchdog getting ready to examine the Samsung Galaxy S4

BBC Watchdog is preparing to analyze the hot-new Samsung Galaxy S4 on BBC1 at 8PM on Wednesday May 15th.

The video teaser suggests the show will focus on the handset’s memory size. The Watchdog host Anne Robinson had this to say:

Samsung, it claims its brand new Galaxy phone has an extra large memory, but what did it forget to mention?

Yup, it seems BBC will discuss users’ complaints about the built-in storage claims. You see, the 16GB version of the Galaxy S4 comes with just 9.5GB of free storage with the rest being occupied by Samsung’s own software. Moreover, the 32 and 64 GB versions are still not widely available and that could also be point worth examining.

In any case, we look forward to BBC Watchdog and are applauding the public pressure the show is making to force handset makers to properly advertise their products’ features.

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  • Roaduardo

    I never understood why companies have stuck with these specific storage numbers for such a long time. 16GB, 32GB. Just seems strange when you think about it, would it freak consumers out if Samsung sold a device with 20GB or 42GB?

    Use whatever storage you need for the OS then market the device with the actual storage available for the consumer. That would be great to see folks like Samsung being honest with the actual storage available for you. Look at Windows RT and how much space is left over for you?

    Micro SD slots are great but often you can’t install games or other apps to the memory card and have to use the internal storage which in the S4’s case has a good amount of its storage already used.

    • Bonedatt


  • vikings football

    what computer/laptop/netbook/tablet/smartphone ever have/had the actual storage capacity as being usable storage? does anyone at the BBC WATCHDOG even know that the o/s uses some of the actual storage space?

    i have a 32gb lg intuition and only 25gb is usable, which equates to 7gb used by the o/s and special features…and carrier bloatware, which equals the missing 7gb from the 16gb galaxy s4 that the BBC WATCHDOG is making a big deal out of it.

    the BBC shouldnt be targeting only samsungs galaxy s4, as this is not a samsung only issue. the BBC should investigate actual storage vs usable storage, because every mobile/media/computer device has less usable storage than actual storage capacity

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