Video: Samsung SideSync explained

Samsung SideSync

You may’ve heard about Samsung SideSync, a neat software that practically connects your Samsung Galaxy smartphone with your PC, allowing you to use PC’s keyboard and mouse with the phone, as well as to copy text from computer and directly paste it in the phone. Moreover, SideSync also supports phone screen sharing so you can use the phone virtually on a PC.

Yeah it sounds kinda confusing, but worry not – the Korean company released a short demo video to explain it all.

There’s one important caveat, though. As I’m writing this, SideSync requires not only a Samsung phone, but also a Samsung PC, which is kinda awkward to say the least. While Samsung is pretty much ruling the mobile space, it has a ton of catching up to do in the PC market. Guess a version of SideSync that works with all PCs will be released shortly. We’ll most likely let you know when that happens…

Samsung SideSync (FREE) [Samsung Apps link]

  • Roaduardo

    I’m definitely trying this out when it’s available for PC’s outside of Samsung. Kinda reminds me of AirDroid. Man, that one little app has made things so much easier. Using it to text from my PC is the tits and file transfers are smooth and quick.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Not sure I understand the point of this software. Better syncing?

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