White Nexus 4 spotted yet again

While we’re still no closer to official availability of the device, but the Nexus 4 in white has yet again popped up. We first caught a glimpse of the device back in late January, and not much has changed since then. Still, seeing the device dressed in white again gives us hope that we may see it on a wider scale one day.

One lucky person in the Philippines nabbed the white Nexus 4 from a buy and sell website, and that’s basically the whole story. While the appearance of the white Nexus 4 popping up again just days before Google I/O 2013 is certainly interesting, there’s still no indication that we’ll see such a device debut at the conference later this week. Still, with rumors of a 32GB/LTE version of the device swirling around, we’re not completely discounting the possibility.

At Google I/O 2012, attendees received a special edition white Nexus 7 tablet, so if there was a time that the search giant would unveil a new color option for the Nexus 4, it could just be days away. Nonetheless, at this moment in time, the owner of the device you see above is just lucky.

It did take a few months before the white Samsung Galaxy Nexus became available, so maybe we’re seeing a similar treatment with the Nexus 4. Maybe not.

Hit up the links below for more shots of the white Nexus 4.

Via: Android Central

Source: Google+


  • Roaduardo

    64GB Nexus 4 would have been brilliant.

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