Google I/O Keynote will be Livestreamed on Youtube. Watch it here!

That magic spring event is upon us yet again. Google I/O draws near and as the flowers blossom and the warming spring breeze blows outside, the nerds of the world are glued to their screens waiting on any tidbit of news. Google’s big day out is coming tomorrow and the whole shindig will be kicked off with the Keynote at 9am Pacific. The whole presentation is going to be streamed live (the spot is currently held by a ticking countdown clock). On the stream’s Youtube page, there were 268 fangirls and boys camped out with more than 19 hours left to go!

You can see the excitement in the comments, here’s just a snippet:

  • “Maybe it’ll be like Oprah. Everyone watching today gets a free Google Glass! You get a Google Glass! And you get a Google Glass! And you too! And you!!!”

    Or maybe not.”

  • “nexus 4 32gb, more robust unified messaging 🙂 unlocked gamma controls on new nexus kernel 🙂 oh and stock 4.3 and actual phone availability.. thanks google :)”

  • “n oh.. as i type this it’s 23:49:00 remaining :).. #excited”
  • “i have 3 wishes.. nexus7 should have upgrades like.. a paperwhite screen(similar to kindle), should be cheaper (i know i am expecting too much :P) and much more slimmer. Hope google makes prof happy:D”
  • “New Nexus”

  • “please stand by.. hahaha”
  • “Where’s My Cyanogenmod Team @???”
  • “Awww no Key Lime Pie”
  • “Nexus 7 snapdragon 800 8 inch 300ppi plzzzz”
  • “Nexus 4 LTE White! **”
  • “X Phone please!”

I, for one, hope it’s like the first Oprah comment! GLASS FOR ALL!! Sadly, I think we don’t have much chance of that happening. Be sure to check out our predictions for Google I/O and stay right here to watch the livestream with us. We want to hear what you think!

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