ASUS should license Ubuntu for Android for its Padfone

ASUS should license Ubuntu for Android for its Padfone

Few days ago I ranted about Ubuntu for Android, saying that I can’t wait to install it on my smartphone. Today I have a related idea to discuss with you.

At the moment, Canonical doesn’t allow users to download Ubuntu for Android (or perhaps it’s still not ready for prime time), and the company is rather looking for OEMs to license the software. I believe that the “perfect vendor” to take advantage of this software is ASUS, which should offer it pre-installed on its Padfone series. This way Padfone users would get an added benefit when they dock their smartphone to the tablet shell, with the ability to use real desktop apps.

ASUS on its end would finally be able to justify the steep pricing of its Padfone devices which [prices] at present are really hard to swallow. You see, the money that gets you the Padfone 2 could buy you both a comparable smartphone and tablet — and the idea of the combo device is to be cheaper than buying the two devices separately. If, on the other hand, the Padfone 2 (and Padfone Infinity for that matter) came with Ubuntu for Android, the Taiwanese company should be able to entice more users to grab their expensive gadget. With such software, potential Padfone customers would not only buy a smartphone and tablet, but also a full-blown PC that can run many of the apps they’re used to running on their existing computers.

Sounds like a plan and I’m just hoping ASUS’ folks are reading this. What do you think about Ubuntu for Android-powered Padfone? Would you pay a premium for such a device?

  • My full support to you sir.. Great idea, and I hope some of the Indian OEMs also read this.. It has tremendous capabilities..

    • PeterSteinbeck

      Friggin’ yeah. Now that would be something – Ubuntu AND Android on ASUS Padfone Infinity. 🙂

  • Paul Joseph

    I agree with you. I would also like it on the ASUS Transformer.

  • TomoBrooke

    I thought this before when I read up on Ubuntu. A great looking software that would compliment the devices unique ability. In the same light the device would compliment Ubuntu’s philosophy of a seamless UI.

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