Google I/O 2013: Google improves photo handling in Google+

Google realizes that photos are one of the most popular items shared on social networks. To improve the photo-sharing experience, Google has introduced a series of new tools that’ll let you use Google as your digital darkroom.

The new photo service will help you better manage your photos by backing up your photos (15GB of full-size photos, unlimited for scaled versions) and auto-highlighting those that are most important to you. Google also added a new auto-enhance feature that’ll automatically improve your photos on the fly by adjusting brightness, contrast and more. It’s like Snapseed for your photos online.

There’s also support for facial recognition built right into the tools that’ll apply filters to improve your selfies by softening skin tones, blurring wrinkles, removing red eye and more. There are five auto awesome effects that MIX, HDR, Smile Motion and Pano, which is for panorama shots.  These enhancements are optional, and you can easily switch between the enhanced photo and the original. You can also turn off the auto-enhancement feature entirely.

[Via Google]


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