Google I/O 2013: Entire Keynote Up on Youtube -Watch It Here!

In case you missed it, Google has released an archive of it’s 2013 Google I/O Keynote presentation on its Youtube channel. It’s all there in its full and magnificent 3 hours and 51 minutes of glory. If you haven’t seen it you can watch it right here. If you watched it yesterday, here’s your chance to relive the experience.

Who could forget, the Google Play Games multiplayer demo fail, the John Hamm look alike in the Android hat, that Google Glass shower guy’s question getting shut down by a sad Larry Page? So many classic moments I could never mention them all. I feel like we all shared something very powerful. We laughed, we cried, we came up with snarky tweets.

Kidding aside, Google dropped some pretty incredible updates to its services. To name a few, there was the aforementioned Games update, Google’s Spotify style “All Access” streaming in the new Google Play Music, a totally revamped Google+, and the really impressive update to Google Maps. We wrapped everything up in our reaction piece here, if you want to get a summary. We’ve also reported more in depth on each of the big announcements.

But there’s nothing like experiencing the entire behemoth of a press conference for yourself. So get yourself some popcorn and settle in for a long, strange trip. Especially long. It’s very, very, very long. Of course, you can skip around to the parts that interest you but that would be cheating.

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