Nexus Q Won’t Get New Version of Google Play Music

The poor Nexus Q hasn’t been getting much love from Google lately, and may never get any going forward. We recently reported that it wouldn’t get any mention at Google I/O, and now it’s being denied the latest update to Google Play Music and its “All Access” music streaming services. Phandroid received confirmation from a Google liason named Paul that the Nexus Q would not be getting the upgrade:

Thanks for taking the time to report this issue. As you noticed, the latest version of Google Play Music isn’t compatible with the Nexus Q. The Nexus Q devices given to last year’s I/O attendees and provided free of charge to those who ordered are not compatible with the current version of Google Music.

To make matter worse, Q users who update Google Play Music on their phone lose the functionality they already have, leaving them with “broken” music streaming to their media orb.

Google Support recently added this single sentence to their page:

Please note that currently, All Access can be accessed through the Google Play Music mobile app or a desktop browser and is not compatible with Nexus Q.

While it doesn’t explicitly say the Q will never be getting All Access support, it’s not looking good. This may be the nail in the coffin for the Nexus Q. The purpose of the device was to stream media, so it’s omission from Google’s new streaming music service certainly doesn’t bode well. The Q has kind of been the ugly stepchild of the Nexus family since it was unveiled at last year’s Google I/O. While it’s been discontinued, there are several orbs out there with disappointed owners today.

[Via Phandroid]

  • c

    Unbelievable! I just can’t believe it! I’m just devastated! I guess I’ll use it for bowling!

  • NQ

    I wonder when the Nexus Q 2.0 will come out? My birthday is coming up pretty soon and if Google makes a 2.0, I am going to get that thing for my birthday!

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