Watch This: Google Glass 2.0 Concept Video

Toronto Creative Agency Playground Inc.  released a concept video this week that shows off their ideas of what the next iteration of Google Glass could look like. While a sophomore version of Glass is, at very least, a long way off, it’s fun to imagine the potential for the future of the wearable tech.

There are definitely some great ideas in this video, most of which seem like they wouldn’t be too far-fetched for the current hardware if tethered to a phone. In fact, a lot of the features in this video have more to do with Glass becoming widespread and lots of companies and services using it’s APIs. While the likelihood of that happening is debatable, this video shows a world where Glass is commonly used.

But there are definitely some things that seem pretty strange in the video. For starters, I do not approve of the wearing glass while riding your bike. It’s a great way to get hit by a car, run over a gerbil or just look like a giant …..Glasshole.

[Via: Playground Inc.]

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