Lenovo hoping to move 60 million smartphones this year

Lenovo hoping to move 60 million smartphones this year

Lenovo has ambitious smartphone plans, looking to move some 60 million smartphones in its fiscal year which started on April 1st. The figures represent a sharp growth from 23.5 million smartphones shipped last year that, according to IDC, gave the Chinese company 11% share in its own backyard.

Lenovo, however, aims to be the biggest smartphone supplier in China within two years and according to Gartner’s figures they stand a chance to emerge on top perhaps even by the end of 2013.

The research firm quotes Lenovo’s rapidly growing market share, which jumped from 1.7% in Q3 2011 to 14.8% in Q3 2012, putting it somewhere between Samsung (16.7%) and Apple (6.9%).

At the time the report was published, Gartner claimed that Lenovo is the only local smartphone player that can compete with global top brands in China thanks to its “household brand recognition, nationwide distribution, strong portfolio and reasonable pricing.”

Lenovo’s international smartphone ambitions are at the moment mostly limited to several countries, including Russia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Nigeria.

[Via: MobileWorldLive]

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