Mobile technology helps America’s victims of crime stay informed about offender custody status


A company called Appriss introduced a mobile version of its automated victim notification service known as VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday). This service is used by victims of crime across the U.S. and monitors over 95% of the nation’s incarcerated offenders.

Available for iPhone and Android devices, the VINE mobile app allows people who have been victims of crime to easily check on the status of their offender and register to be notified about changes in that status via phone or email.

The service is free, anonymous and since the non-mobile version delivered nearly 30 million notifications in 2012, the mobile app is expected to be pretty popular… though we hope you never need to use it.

VINE was developed in 1994, a year after the murder of Mary Byron, a Louisville, Kentucky woman who was shot to death by her ex-boyfriend, after he had been released from jail without her knowledge.

VINEMobile (FREE) [iTunes link] [Google Play Store]

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