Google Files New Media Player with FCC – Could It Be the Next Nexus Q?

We reported last week on the fate of the Nexus Q. The excellent Google Play Music update with all of its streaming content isn’t compatible with the Nexus Q device, effectively making it useless as a media (or at least music) streaming orb and leaving it essentially broken.

The Q was introduced at last year’s Google I/O and was designed to allow you to stream content from your phone or tablet to your TV. After  the device failed to garner much interest from consumers and had some initial problems, Google postponed the launch of the consumer model. Last weeks Google Play Music news squashed most hopes that the little orb that couldn’t would be getting a retail launch.

But now it looks like Google may have a new media player in the works, according to Liliputing. The tech site referenced a new FCC filing from Google, for a device called the Google H840. There isn’t much to go on, but the filing mentions that the device, “functions as a media player.” 


While it remains to be seen if this new device from Google is Nexus Q Mark II, or something completely different. But it’s clear that Google’s sights are on the living room!

[Via: Liliputing]

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