Square Stand for iPad makes cash registers look dull, stupid

Square Stand for iPad makes cash registers look dull, stupid

Few days ago, Square unveiled the Square Stand, a specially designed iPad stand with an embedded card reader that creates a fancy alternative to traditional cash registers.

We must say the Square Stand + iPad installation reminds us little on the iMac but I guess that was the idea — to piggyback on the proven design Apple fans are used to.

In the official press release, Square co-founder Jack Dorsey described the $299 Square Stand as “elegant, fast, affordable and easy to use,” and as such – perfect for any merchant whether it sells cupcakes, cardigans or cappuccinos.

In addition to card swiping capability, the Square Stand can also sing along a receipt printer and barcode scanner, both of which are available for purchase from Square.

Finally, it’s worth adding that the stand currently selling is only compatible with second- and third-generation iPads (it has a 30-pin connector), with a model supporting the fourth-gen iPad’s Lightning expected to be launched later in the year.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Wouldn’t it be great that all ugly cash registers are replaced with this stand? šŸ™‚

  • L. Ron Twizzler

    I bought one of these recently. Unfortunately, the design and construction aren’t great. When installing the iPad, all four of the too-large mounting screws cracked the plastic on the front of the stand. Too bad–it’s a great stand otherwise.

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