CTIA 2013: NVIDIA Tegra 4i Shows Off 150Mbps of Cat 4 LTE Goodness in Latest Demo

While it may take until next year until we see the first devices in North America with NVIDIA’s Tegra 4i processor, the company is showing great progress getting its latest SoC up and running with Category 4 LTE, hitting 150Mbps of data.

Currently, Cat 4 LTE isn’t deployed on any carrier in the US, so the demo was essentially just a proof of concept. Through software optimizations only, NVIDIA has certainly been hard at work to ensure tha the Tegra 4i will be ready for Cat 4 LTE to entice OEMs to use its solution over some of the competition. Of course, the Tegra 4i’s integrated modem is great, but that’s hardly it’s only trick.

This is one of the most powerful processors for mobile devices around in terms of both raw processing power and graphics, and NVIDIA will soon bring Qualcomm some serious competition when it debuts.

For more information about NVIDIA’s latest CTIA demos, hit up the link below!

[Via: NVIDIA Blog]

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