Chrome for Android Updated: Features Speed Improvements, Fullscreen Mode on Smartphones

Yesterday, Chrome was updated for the desktop, and today Google has updated the Chrome browser for Android as well. Chrome for Android has been updated to version 27, and brings with it a number of improvements. Chrome for Android now lets users take advantage of full screen mode, a simplified search and tab history support for tablets. It also includes various bug fixes and stability improvements.

Chrome for Android¬†allows users to sync bookmarks and omnibox data across multiple devices, and even send webpages from tablets and smartphones to PC’s running the Chrome browser.

According to Google, the iPhone and iPad versions of Chrome will soon be receiving voice search, and should be rolling out in the next few days. If you’re an Android user using the Chrome browser, head over to the Google Play Store for the new version!

[Via: Google Play]

  • Frank

    If dynamic text reflow could just work in chrome as well as it works on my stock HTC android browser, I would use it more. I tolerated chrome on my GS2 but I won’t do that with my HTC ONE. How is HTC able to do it in their sense UI and Google won’t do it for Chrome?

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