CTIA 2013: Verizon Partners with J-Lo to Launch Viva Movil

Today Verizon announced a new partnership with J-Lo to announce Viva Movil – A phone retailer offered specifically to the Latino population.

With the Latino population growing faster than ever, it certainly doesn’t come as much of a surprise to see a partnership like this form. While we think it’s a smart partnership, this is hardly the announcement that we were expecting to see come from Verizon this CTIA. At best, we were hoping to see a Voice Over LTE announcement or something to that extent and what we got was quite different.

Verizon devices will exclusively be offered by Viva Movil, but the retail locations have J-Lo all over them. J-Lo has helped to pick store layouts, locations, fonts, and a line of fashionable phone accessories. Stores are also said to have play areas for children, inviting customers to bring family and friends.

The first Viva Movil location will open on June 15th in New York, with 15 stores to open by the end of 2013 in Los Angeles, Miami, and more.

For more information about Viva Movil, be sure to check out the official website right here!

  • George Jameson

    Not the HTC One announcement I was hoping for…

  • BurritoBreath

    This was a total disaster. J-Lo fumbling to read a teleprompter while promoting racial segregation to sell phones. This is a perfect example of not listening to the voice of the customer. Does HTC ONE ring a bell ? jesus fn christ! I was holding out till June to renew with Verizon with hopes of an HTC One or better. Looks like ATT will be getting my business. Enjoy your plummeting stock Verizon.

  • Trolled by El Verizon

    Verizon botched this big time. A special announcement that doesn’t even pertain to current Verizon customers that just want a dam HTC One. Will be taking my business elsewhere…

  • Rick Rolled

    Gah! What a disappointment. Time to shop other providers with the HTC one.

  • Tigerone123

    Didn’t Verizon learn their lesson when they lost millions with Jlo when they venture with Jlo in that Latin Talent Show “Que Viva” which was a complete failure, almost sound like the same failed venture? If Jlo can’t sell her music or movies, then no one is going to buy her phones, plain
    and simple, can’t believe Version make another huge mistake on his women????

  • Roaduardo

    This smacks of ineptitude and racism. Jlo is as “Latina” as Taco Bell. We’re meant to be integrating all ethic groups into this large enterprise we call America.

    I can understand certain businesses catering to certain ethnic groups but mobile service is something that’s so universal that creating an MNVO for “Latin” consumers makes little sense. It’s not difficult to find a Verizon employee who speaks spanish, it’s almost the unofficial second language here in America.

    Verizon needs to focus on releasing flagship devices from Samsung, HTC and others at the same time Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile does. Focus on improving your network. Don’t do pathetic things like VivaMovil.

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