Rdio updates iOS app with Find People feature and cleaner UI

Music subscription service Rdio brought a small but welcome update to its iOS app today. It has an improved search feature, an easy way to find friends and artists, and a cleaner user interface for navigating.

The improved UI mainly comes in for the side navigation. Rdio says it’s a “new, cleaner look.” The app currently is already pretty clean and very well-designed, so maintaining the high standards is always good. The update also introduces “Find People” for finding friends on Rdio and to discover artists. Relevant to this is the new Labels search, which allows users to search now by record label when finding music to find albums and artists on a label.

Rdio is the lesser known competitor of Spotify, another music subscription service. For access to the mobile apps of either service, you have to be a Premium member which costs $9.99 per month. Many would agree, however, that Rdio’s mobile app is far superior to Spotify’s in both design and functionality. Rdio is also in indirect competition with the likes of Pandora, which just got a bit of an update of its own yesterday.

You can grab the app for free in the App Store, but don’t forget you’ll have to be a premium subscriber to use it.

[via 9to5Mac]

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