Microsoft Ad Uses Siri to Diss Apple

Wherever your loyalties lie in the latest round of Mac vs. Windows (vs. Android), you can’t deny that Microsoft’s new Windows 8 tablet ad below is pretty clever. The TV spot completely glosses over any of the advantages of the iPad over the 64GB Asus tablet, while pointing out the lower cost, multitasking and other selling points of the Windows 8 slab. What’s genius about the ad is that it uses Apple’s own Siri (or well, a computer voice that sounds just like her) to point out the shortcomings of the iPad.

Microsoft’s got a giant ad budget and the company’s spending like crazy to tentpole its flailing new(ish) OS, Windows 8. This new ad harkens back to Apple’s “Mac vs. PC” from the decade prior. But this time the tables are turned (at least in the tablet wars), and it’s Microsoft who’s going up against the huge popularity and user base of Apple’s iPad. With its huge success in the mobile device market, Apple’s become the sterile, establishment option and Windows 8 is the colorful, fun option for the hipsters – at least that’s what Microsoft’s aiming at in ads like these. Regardless of your opinion on the matter, the ad’s a hoot.

While I’m on the subject, can we all just agree that John Hodgeman is awesome, and Justin Long is…. not. I think the roles might be reversed if those ads were filmed today!

Watch the video below for a laugh. Apple fangirls and boys, don’t take it too personally!

[Via: The Verge]

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