HTC First UK Release Delayed Indefinitely

The HTC First really isn’t a bad phone. It’s a totally decent, affordable handset with some nice features. But it’s sold well below expectations, even with the price slashed to $0.99 (with contract). The downfall of the First is Facebook Home, Zuckerberg and Co’s Facebook centric launcher, which comes pre-installed on the device.

The rumors of AT&T’s cancellation of the First haven’t proved to be true (yet).  But now it looks like the HTC First is hitting another wall, as its UK release has been pushed back with no new date announced. While it continues to sell in the U.S., the Facebook phone’s U.K. release has been put off indefinitely.

Facebook issued a statement saying it’s now focusing on new features and customization, to be added to home in the coming months. The statement also said Facebook have “recommended holding off” on the UK HTC First launch. The statement added that Facebook is committed to bringing the latest mobile experiences to its customers.

So those of you in the UK shouldn’t expect the HTC First to be coming to your shores anytime soon. But if you have a compatible device and want to try out Facebook Home for yourself, you can download it in the Google Play store now.

[Via: Ubergizmo]

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